Invest in your employee’s health and well-being; help them achieve their peak performance by incorporating regular massage treatments.

Experience has proven to us that by integrating massage therapy into your employees benefit program; they experience less work related stress levels, build an immunity to natural illnesses, there is less absenteeism and a higher problem solving capacity. You are investing in their well-being; in turn a higher appreciation for the company is rewarded. A happier and healthier employee will surpass their job role with a smile, passing positivity on to their work environment.

The Ayurveda Pancha massage in an equestrian estate near Midrand, Gauteng; the program is created for your organisation on a custom-based level depending on your requirements.  We have all the equipment required and set up a relaxing environment.

Come and feel appreciated in a place that gives you the wings to fly and excel.

Ayurvedic massage therapy