You are in excellent hands with our professionally trained Angel Therapists. Let us revitalise, refresh and recharge your senses. All our treatments address the human psychology, leaving you soothed, relaxed, reassured and grounded. Each customisable, depending on your specific needs, either from your office, the privacy of your own home or one of our venues.


Available Treatments:

Indian Head Massage (Head, neck and Shoulders)

Reflexes of the Feet

Reiki Balancing (chakra’s)

Ayurvedic Massage


Aromatherapy Body Massage

Sports Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Pregnancy Massage


PIC 4 Indian Head Massage (Head, neck and shoulders)

  • Our most popular corporate treatment. Its non-evasive, can be done at the comfort of your own desk, in your chair. Let an Angel do their magic and relieve upper back tension, headaches, and any back pain. It works on pressure points and releases muscle tension and spasms.


PIC 5Reflexes of the Feet

  • Practised in many different cultures over the centuries, reflexology promotes health and well-being by alleviating anxiety and bringing on a deeper state of relaxation. The practice involves applying specific pressure points on the feet which in turn positively affect various parts of the body. Extremely beneficial to diabetics.


PIC 6 Reiki Balancing (chakra’s)

  • A hands on treatment; our Angel therapists rebalance the energy centre’s (the flow of energy) within your body. The treatment dissipates energy blockages, keeping one elevated, promoting synchronisation and flow throughout your body mind and soul, improving mental focus and clarity in every day decisions.


PIC 7 Ayurvedic Massage

  • Ayurveda, meaning the Science of Life and used by traditional Indian practitioners throughout the ages. It seeks to prevent and disperse whatever the individual is experiencing. By fine tuning your body’s vibrational frequency, it also distresses and detoxes.


PIC 8 Shirodhara

  • Part of the Ayurveda practice and one which is growing in popularity due to its immensely positive affect on mind and body. It’s based on the idea that at the centre of the forehead lies our third eye energy centre, besides sharpening our overall alertness, it is the seat of intuition, spirituality and healing.  A blend of essential oil is dripped directly on to the forehead, it stimulates the pituitary gland and specifically removes mental blockages, soothing the mind.


lavender aromatherapy Aromatherapy Body Massage

  • Based on various massage techniques; aromatherapy uses plant essences or ‘essential oils’ to promote positive reinforcements within a person. These essential oils take on the healing characteristic of the plants from which they come from, varying from herbs, flowers, roots, bark and fruits. A unique oil blend is created for each person, matching their personal circumstances. It dissolves negative mood swings.


PIC 11 Deep Tissue Massage

  • Very similar in strokes to Swedish massage; however a much deeper pressure is applied when massaging, affecting the deeper layers of the muscle and the connective tissues. It is incredibly beneficial for chronic muscle tension and draining the lymph nodes.


PIC 12   Enquire for more info.


PIC-13-1 Sports Massage

  • When receiving a sports massage, endorphins are released into the body; it provides pain relief, decreases anxiety, improves mood and entices circulation of blood flow. It can also prevent or relieve delayed onset muscle soreness by encouraging lymph drainage, thus preventing muscle fatigue 12 to 24 hours after the exercise has been performed.



PIC-15-1 Pregnancy Massage

  • Reduces the impact of stress and decreases swelling in the body by increasing the circulation rate with massage strokes, it relives aches and pains in joints and muscles. Excellent for back pain, especially when the use of medication is limited. Unburden the challenges of pregnancy by reliving tension and lightening the weight in the body. This massage however can only be performed as from the second trimester


Our team of Angels cater to group or individual bookings, both corporate or on a private level. We service team buildings, staff incentive programs, pamper parties, break away’s or any other special occasion. Ask about our gift vouchers too. Let us relax and revitalise you in the privacy of your own home. Beauty technicians and nutritional services can also be arranged in conjunction with your treatment plans.


Vanitha has a very special nutritional supply, you may enquire about it where she can introduce you to all the products. Vanitha’s intention is ‘your wealth being your health’.